Underwater by Zoe west

I was very excited when I was asked to do an underwater shoot at night in San Francisco. Although I have done a few underwater shoots doing one in the dark was a first for me.

In order to get enough light it required taking a large piece of white fabric and stretching it over the deep end of the pool. The fabric was on light stands then using very bright lights shining up at the fabric and reflecting back into the pool. It created a dramatic Moody effect. And I just love how the results turned out!

Photographers-Leon Saperstein and Mechasean

Studio Shoot with Shantia by Zoe west

More work With Shantia! I just love how all of these came out.

Photographer- Shantia Romine

I am wrapping up the end of this very long tour and will be home this Friday!!

Its been a really wonderful tour. worked with fantastic people and have already started working on plans for next year. Stay tuned!

Desert Woman by Zoe west

There are some photographers who never stop looking.

and Shantia Romine is one of them. This jawdropping redhead beauty was a model hersel for many years which would explain her ability to see women the way they want to be seen.

After our photoshoot in a nearby park we stopped at a great restaurant and bar with a few friends. Laughing over drinks and dinner I noticed Shantia take out her camera and start shooting areas of the restaurant there was some beautiful ambient light in the room and she pointed the camera at me and started taking photos. I have many images from our earlier shoot. But I loved how impromptu this shot was.

Photographer- http://shauntia.com/


Joshua Tree National Park by Zoe west

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Joshua Tree National Park. I have heard amazing things about it and even during my brief 6 month stay in LA somehow the opportunity never presented itself. 

I plan my modeling tours about 2-3 months in advance. So I knew I would be heading into southern CA for a while. It turned out that a photographer in New England, whom I have been shooting with for years was planning a trip to Socal during the same time. And I was thrilled when he suggested we take a trip to Joshua Tree. 

It was about 2.5 hours from Burbank and well worth the trip, although I wish we could have stayed there longer to shoot. The Park is where the Mojave and Colorado Desert meet and it provides a very unique environment. The iconic Joshua Tree is not found in many places in the world. And the park is one of (possibly the only) place you can find them. 

There will be more over the course of the next few weeks. 

DW1_7129 (1).jpg

"Menswear" by Zoe west

Ella is the type of friend, that I can call up and say "I have something I want to do" we will talk on the phone at great length discussing ideas and visions. I wanted to do something with suits, something inspired from the white collar world. We worked at the idea and this is what we came up with.

Hope you enjoy it. We woke up at 5 and starting shooting as the sun was coming up in the Napa Valley.

Photographer- www.ellasophiephoto.com
Model- Zoë West 
Glasses- 2Seelife
Bow Ties- SONSON