What is Naked for Knowledge?

In 2017 my father John Anthony West was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. in spite of all our attempts both conventional and alternate, he passed away in early 2018. He was a world renowned writer and Egyptologist. Much of his life was dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the ancient world.  He left behind him a legacy of work and plenty of projects he had dreamed to accomplish.

Naked for Knowledge or "NFK" is a combination of things I care most about. Making art, traveling, learning about the secrets of the world, and last (but certainly not least) seeing my father's work and the work of his colleagues continue to shed light on our view of ancient history. Which is why 25% of all profits will go directly to non- for profits, foundations and projects that are dedicated to research in these fields.

Throughout my life my father was my biggest supporter, often encouraging me to follow my career dream regardless of (and in fact sometimes in spite of) the judgement of others. To be as wild, eccentric, and free as I ever wanted. I hope in this way I can give back a little of that. 

What will you get?


*3-exclusive photosets (fine art, glamour or fashion)

*behind the scenes pictures, videos, travel blog

*access to relevant articles surrounding ancient civilizations, alternative science and medicine

*PLUS info about the foundations of choice and news updates on their current projects.