Would you like to book a model with 10 years of experience? When you book with me you can trust you are working with someone with tons of knowledge about the industry and extremely reliable and skilled with posing. Lets create something magical!

You can book me in any of the following cities and dates!



San Francisco, CA: Sept 6th-13th
Reno, NV: Sept 14th-15th
Moab, UT: Sept 16th-30th
*Special Rate for All day booking ONLY in Moab. See rate section below!*

Moab, UT: Oct 1st- Oct 15th
Phoenix, AZ: Oct 19th-23rd
Tucson, AZ: Oct 24th
Dallas, TX: Oct 25th-27th
Houston, TX: Oct 28th-30th

New Orleans, LA: Nov 1st-14th
Houston, TX: Nov 15th-20th
New Orleans, LA: Nov 21st-26th
Tallahassee, FL: Nov 27th-28th

Atlanta, GA: Nov 30th-Dec 1st
Charlotte, NC: Dec 2nd- Dec 5th
Washington, DC: Dec 6th- 12th
Baltimore, MD: Dec 13th-17th
Saugerties, NY: Dec 18th- Dec 31st