Would you like to book a model with 9 years of experience, years of knowledge about the industry and extremely reliable and skilled with posing?

You can book me in any of the following cities and dates!



Washington, DC: Jan 25th-28th
Richmond, VA: Jan 29th-30th
Raleigh, NC: 31st-Feb 2nd

Charlotte, NC: 3rd-5th
Savannah, GA: 6th-7th
Jacksonville, FL: 8th-9th
Orlando, FL:10th
Miami, FL: 11th-15th
Naples, FL: 16th
Tampa, FL: 17th-18th
Atlanta, GA: 19th-20th
Asheville, NC: 21st-22nd
Roanoke, VA: 23rd
Baltimore, MD: 24th-26th

Buffalo, NY: 18th-19th
Toledo, OH: 20th-21st
South Bend, IN: 25th
Chicago, IL: 26th-28th
Omaha, NE: 29th-31st

Denver, CO: 1st-3rd
Grand Junction, CO: 4th
Salt Lake City, UT: 5th-7th
Reno, NV: 8th-10th
San Francisco, CA: 11th-18th
San Luis Obispo, CA: 19th
Los Angeles, CA: 20th-24th
Las Vegas, NV: 25th-28th

Moab Utah!! May 1st-31st *email me about my model packages for this special trip!*

Sedona, AZ June 1st-4th
Albuquerque, NM June 5th-6th
Dallas, TX June 7th-9th
Austin, TX June 10th-13th
Houston, TX June 14th-15th
St. Louis, MO June 16th-19th
Louisville, KY June 20th-22nd
Cincinnati, OH June 23rd-24th
Pittsburgh, PA June 25th-26th
Saugerties, NY June 26th-30th