Would you like to book a model with 10 years of experience? When you book with me you can trust you are working with someone with tons of knowledge about the industry and extremely reliable and skilled with posing. Lets create something magical!

You can book me in any of the following cities and dates!



Denver, CO: 1st-3rd
Grand Junction, CO: 4th
Salt Lake City, UT: 5th-7th
Reno, NV: 8th-10th
San Francisco, CA: 11th-18th
San Luis Obispo, CA: 19th
Los Angeles, CA: 20th-24th
Las Vegas, NV: 25th-28th

Moab Utah!! May 1st-31st

Sedona, AZ June 1st
Phoenix, AZ: June 2nd-4th
Albuquerque, NM June 5th-6th
Oklahoma City, OK: June 7th
Dallas, TX June 8th-9th
Austin, TX June 10th-13th
Houston, TX June 14th-15th
St. Louis, MO June 16th-19th
Louisville, KY June 20th-22nd
Cincinnati, OH June 23rd-24th
Pittsburgh, PA June 25th-26th
Saugerties, NY June 26th-30th

Saugerties, NY July 1st-12th
Boston, MA: July 19th-25th
Manchester, NH: July 26th-30th

NYC: Aug 7th-10th
Portland: OR: Aug 11th-19th
Seattle: WA: Aug 25th- Sept 4th