I'm in Love

No Really, I am head over heels in love with this incredible place.

And in the way love will make you do crazy things, and uproot your life and make you change directions. I too am changing my plans. 

I will be back in Moab Sept 15th 2018- Oct 31st 2018.

I truly believe that some of the shots I have been getting out here is some of the best work I have ever done. I also have managed to make very good friends with my Airbnb Host "Dailey" Who happens to be a Moab Native, with all kind of fabulous shoot locations, that are out of the tracks of lots of tourists. 

Everyday is an adventure here, as I learn more about my new obsession.

A little #BTS at Arches National Park yesterday! Photo By Riley Suit


Vegas Baby!

Made it to fabulous Las Vegas.

Its about 95 degrees outside and looks like its going to stay in that area over the next few days.

Yesterday I went out to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, An abandoned warehouse somewhere outside of the city and a dry lake bed at Sunset. Photographer was Keith Holmes. Lead by vegas model/guide Wonderhussy. The two models for the day were myself and Amelia Simone. It was a great day and to be honest it gave me a new appreciation for Vegas.

Previously my trips to Vegas were spent on the strip or in the sprawling suburbs that surround the shiny blinking interior of the city. I never explored the scenic areas outside of the city. It is there where magic exists. A friend of mine described Vegas as "Disneyworld for reprobates" Which can pretty much sum up my sentiments for the place. Everything about it is a testiment to modern societies propensity towards mindless overindulgence and squandering of resources. I must admit I was relieved to find its redeeming natural beauty outside of the city.

More images coming soon!!