Moab Bound

in just 3 glorious days I will be able to unpack my car which I have affectionately been calling "The closet pod" and stay put in Moab UT for an entire month.

For Years I have wanted to rent a place in Moab for an extended period of time and have photographers come out to me to shoot in the boundless magical scenery found everywhere in the area.

Also Who better to start off the month with, then Andrew Bacha. Who was the first photographer to bring me to this remarkable place back in 2015. It was that trip that inspired the vision of being here for a while allowing me plenty of time to really get to know the area. I cannot wait to create here. in the meantime here are some images from the 2015 trip.


MW4A7214 as Smart Object-Alt3.jpg
MW4A7579 as Smart Object-1.jpg
MW4A2742 as Smart Object-1-Recovered.jpg
MW4A5282 as Smart Object-1alt.jpg

Vegas Baby!

Made it to fabulous Las Vegas.

Its about 95 degrees outside and looks like its going to stay in that area over the next few days.

Yesterday I went out to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, An abandoned warehouse somewhere outside of the city and a dry lake bed at Sunset. Photographer was Keith Holmes. Lead by vegas model/guide Wonderhussy. The two models for the day were myself and Amelia Simone. It was a great day and to be honest it gave me a new appreciation for Vegas.

Previously my trips to Vegas were spent on the strip or in the sprawling suburbs that surround the shiny blinking interior of the city. I never explored the scenic areas outside of the city. It is there where magic exists. A friend of mine described Vegas as "Disneyworld for reprobates" Which can pretty much sum up my sentiments for the place. Everything about it is a testiment to modern societies propensity towards mindless overindulgence and squandering of resources. I must admit I was relieved to find its redeeming natural beauty outside of the city.

More images coming soon!!


Week Three

Very excited to have made it to Denver. 

Although, I still don't really know what will happen in the next few months I have been feeling more and more that I shouldn't retire from being a traveling model.

What I should do is to travel continuously. and rather then spending 2 days to a week in each city to spend closer to a week- two weeks in each place. Check back in at home 2-3 months out of the year. I never feel better when I am on the road, I'm healthier, more productive, happier.  Traveling forces me to live in the moment, to accept my surroundings and be totally present in my circumstances.

I used to feel like I was "running away" but I know now, that I am not running away at all. I am living my life exactly how I want, without any pressure, or guilt that I should be doing anything else. 

Photographer- Jonathan Frings

Model- Me


Desert Woman

There are some photographers who never stop looking.

and Shantia Romine is one of them. This jawdropping redhead beauty was a model hersel for many years which would explain her ability to see women the way they want to be seen.

After our photoshoot in a nearby park we stopped at a great restaurant and bar with a few friends. Laughing over drinks and dinner I noticed Shantia take out her camera and start shooting areas of the restaurant there was some beautiful ambient light in the room and she pointed the camera at me and started taking photos. I have many images from our earlier shoot. But I loved how impromptu this shot was.